Andreja Andric (RS), Pocket Electronic Symphony #1

Pocket Electronic Symphony instrument

A4 Print PDF | 300 dpi | ∼16mb

Solo concert live recording

Andreja Andric (RS) Pocket Electronic Symphony #1 + Flux concert
Pocket Electronic Symphony booklet, front cover and phone interface
Pocket Electronic Symphony booklet, back cover
Pocket Electronic Symphony booklet, page spread

Andreja Andric (RS) Pocket Electronic Symphony #1

Pocket Electronic Symphony #1 is a smartphone symphony for a solo performer. The symphony is written as sound generating software which acts both as score and musical instrument. Using this software on their mobile phone, the performer changes the parameters of the sound generation process, navigates the successions of massive chords of synthesized sound and builds towering climaxes and suspenseful calm sections.
The work tries to create a new kind of symphonic sound for the mobile age and to find new space for passionate, dramatic and grand musical expression.

The work is released in context of a solo concert by Andreja Andric in Musikhuset Aarhus, arranged by DIEM elektro and the Royal Academy of Music.

Andreja Andric (born 1973) is a Serbian sound artist, currently living in Aarhus, Denmark. His chief interests lie in playful exploration of mathematical processes and chance. He exhibits and performs internationally, mainly with works that use computer programming as key means of artistic expression.